Founded in 2000, Camisa Listrada produces feature films, documentaries and TV series, being one of the most successful production companies in the Brazilian market. Its recent productions are included in the list of the biggest Brazilian box offices in the last few years, reaching almost 10 million sold tickets from 2014 until now. In addition, the company has also produced documentaries and art house films that were exhibited in many film festivals around the world.


Beginning his career in 1997, André Carreira participated in the production crew of more than 15 Brazilian feature films. Since 2000, he works exclusively in his production company Camisa Listrada. There he has produced many documentaries, tv series, short and feature films such as “Descaminhos” (Dead End) and “5 Frações de Uma Quase História” (5 Pieces of Almost Story), both of which had a team of directors, “Fronteira” (Threshold), by Rafael Conde, and “Sumidouro” (Bye River) by Cris Azzi.


Recently, released many productions in the market, such as the TV series “Burle Marx´s Expeditions”, by João Vargas Penna, and the features “O Menino do Espelho” (The Boy in the Mirror), by Guilherme Fiúza Zenha, “Mão Na Luva” (Perfect Agreement), by José Joffily and Roberto Bomtempo, and “O Candidato Honesto” (The Honest Candidate), by Roberto Santucci, one of the most watched Brazilian movies in 2014.


In 2016, André released in movie theaters “Keeping it Real” with Rodrigo Sant’anna. Currently, he continues developing new projects for Camisa Listrada, including the teen comedy “She’s the Man!”, by Leandro Neri, and “Mussum, The Filmis,” the long-awaited biopic of one of Brazil’s most known comedians.