Founded in 2000, Camisa Listrada produces feature films, documentaries and TV series, being one of the most successful production companies in the Brazilian market. Its recent productions are included in the list of the biggest Brazilian box offices in the last few years, reaching almost 10 million sold tickets from 2014 until now. In addition, the company has also produced documentaries and art house films that were exhibited in many film festivals around the world.


Beginning his career in 1997, André Carreira participated in the production of dozens of Brazilian feature films. Since 2001, he works exclusively in his production company named Camisa Listrada.

There he has produced huge box office hits as the features “Come on mom!” (Fala Sério, Mãe!) and “The Honest Candidate” (O Candidato Honesto), both with millions of viewers in the theaters.

Today he is one of the most active producers in Brazilian cinema.