About This Project


Fiction / 78’ / 2017


Direction: Pedro Vasconcelos

Production: Camisa Listrada



That being a mother is suffering in paradise everyone knows. But … and the children? Do not they also suffer their shot of martyrdom in this relationship? In “Come on, mom!”, Angela Cristina (Ingrid Guimarães) and Malu (Larissa Manoela) live together this learning. Malu wants to do everything like her way, while the mother does not miss an opportunity to make a goof. With great humor, they show that the mother-daughter relationship goes from conflict to friendship, with an intense complicity. The usual – and healthy – disagreements between mothers and daughters are the main ingredient of this faithful and fun story of coexistence, sometimes wild, between creator and creature.

Based in the book “Come on, mom!”, by Thalita Rebouças.



Ingrid Guimarães, Larissa Manoela, Marcelo Laham, João Guilherme, Cristina Pereira, Duda Batista, Vitoria Guimarães.

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